We undertake gypsum decoration projects for ceilings including gypsum curtain rods or cornices. In addition to the traditional ceiling gypsum decoration, we make:

Gypsum with hidden-lights. Florescent-based lighting systems where light is hidden inside two sets of gypsum. It creates a perfect lighting environment with minimal distraction from light. It can be supported with light boxes that contains “spot light”. Spot lights can be adjusted using a dimmer to increase or reduce the lighting in the room. Pool system is more suited to larger areas since it requires more space. These designs are most popular among our customers.

Arches and columns that can be suited to the chords in the house or can be artificially constructed. These designs supplement the overall design of the house and gives it an artistic feeling. We have many different arch and column designs available that customers can mix and match to create their very own style.

We can add gypsum shelves or corners for a richer appearance. They can be fitted with spot lights as well. Suspended ceiling is a secondary ceiling hung below the main ceiling. Once popular in workplaces to conceal piping. Wiring. Or ductwork. Now they are very popular at home as well in order to create more stylistic designs such as the “pool system” or where the ceiling has gradient. In this way. Spot lighting can also be placed on the ceiling.

It is built using the steel system. Which is the de-facto standard all over the world. It is fast and easy to build. Galvanized profiles are interlocked to form the skeleton suspended from the ceiling. Once the skeleton is finished. Plasterboards or drywalls are hung and painted to complete the structure.